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What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments

but what is woven into the lives of others - Pericles

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im in love
I'm done with college but back in school. Sometimes you have to do what you were ment to do all along.
i like to be happy, that doesn't mean i always am
i laugh, i cry, i live
P says's I am beautiful, my patient's say I am strong.

a ukulele playing super girl, abuse survivor, hearth witch, in love. Controlled chaos, gardener, music needing book reader. nursing student.

Help end world hunger

Pretty Much FRIENDS ONLY since being hatched.
this journal is my day to day rambling and rants. my questions, concerns and hopes.
i can imagine you are interested. so...
comment or message to be added, and i;ll get back to you. w00t
being outside, boberry biscuts, brown sun dresses, camping, camping trips, cheddar bo biscuts, cheese, excersizing, fresh picked strawberries, happiness, jeans and t-shirts, kisses on the forehead, making tasty delightful food, paul, peanutbutter eggs, picnics that include beer, salmon, sex, soft sheets, sunny days, to cook, to eat, to laugh, ursa, white tea